I’m a seed bead jewelry designer. I’d been working with this technique called seed bead sculpturing. There are many designs of interlocking circles even ovals in beaded jewelry. This technique had a lesson on creating rectangles, so I was excited to try the rectangle technique. I wanted to include a color change in this design.  The seed beads colors are Milkshake and pallidum silver. Next, I wanted to create an interlocking rectangles Necklace.

I called this Necklace Stone Love because the colors reminded me of marble.

This is the beginning of creating my design.




Here are 14 beads done. I started to stop there and make a bracelet. But I soldiered on to create the necklace, that I envisioned.

I’m trying out accent beads of grey glass in a long bicone shape. They weren’t it.

Next, I auditioned some long grey glass beads. I found those to be too thin.

Here I tried pairing the rectangles with pearls, but they didn’t feel right either.

Then I found in my stash some rectangle twisted grey glass beads and they were perfect.

I wanted to see what the necklace would look like on a black dress,

Its 20 inches long.

I making earring and a bracelet to finish to look.



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